Many organizations have been built for a world that no longer exists. In the past few years we have been impacted by Covid, supply chain shortages, inflation, and war in Ukraine and Yemen. Going back to 2019 is just not an option. What this means is leaders have to adapt to the new world we are in. Here are some ideas to think about.

Idea #1 Quality People are even at a bigger premium then before

The quality of the American worker is dropping. We can debate the reasons why but the old saying “Everyone is replaceable” does carry the same weight as it used to. Generally you could find quality people to replace someone. However, the cost of replacing someone and the disruption to your business is extremely costly. The bigger issue is finding someone with right skills and mindset.

Idea #2 Respecting people’s time and situations will be paramount

Every day people are dealing with numerous issues that you have no insight into. Most of the time these are private matters that involve finances, health or relationships. Most Americans are struggling in those areas and have to carry that weight in their day to day life. You can support your team by making sure that work is done efficiently, meetings end on time (or early), and flexibility is built into all timelines.

Idea #3 Investing in only the essentials

Team building exercises were all the rage before Covid. You see several startups building cool amphitheaters, arcades, new age works spaces. Frankly, it is time to put all of that to bed and get back to business. If you want to support your staff, you can do it in three ways that matter most.

1. Invest in tools that directly improve the job they are required to do
2. Extra time off
3. Better pay

In summary, take care of the people that take care of your customers.