Custom Software Solutions

Running your day to day operations can be down-right frustrating at times.  With the world changing on what it seems to be a daily basis it is incredibly hard to keep up.  One way to solve this problem is the use of technology.  Today technology takes many forms and shapes and can create more chaos than expected.

Every organization leverages technology in 3 ways.

  1. Ad Hoc (Paper, Excel, Word, Email, etc.)
  2. Products (Online services, Desktop or Mobile Apps)
  3. Customer Software (.Net, Java, PHP, PowerApps, Power BI)

Your organization’s reality is determined based on how well your processes and people interact with the technology in the list above.  All consultants will state they have the silver bullet to solve all your problems.  However, there are a few factors that will determine which solution works best for your organization.


Software Fragmentation

Products can be very cost effective but in larger organizations too many products not talking to each other can create just as much confusion as Excel documents.  As you add more technology to your daily processes, it can become confusing to manage the different interfaces and logins. After a while, making too many changes too quickly can have a negative impact on your operations.

Custom Software

The ability to build software to your fit your organization is a great option but is also the longest and most expensive solution. It requires a firm that can do more than just write code. They need to be able to understand your organization and determine the best design to meet your budget. It also requires more support than products. Finding the right partner can be extremely difficult as your organization may not have the right internal technical resources.


Products are great when an option exists that fits your organization for an affordable price. The greatest limitation is the product will only solve one problem. Also the customizations are usually not adequate to meet your organizational needs.

At Acts Solutions we focus on a Hybrid approach that uses a mix of Customer Software, Products, and Integrations to minimize Software Fragmentation and create the most efficient process flows for your organization.  We create cost effective solutions that will benefit your organization.

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