Introduction to Microsoft Teams Part #2

If you missed the first part of our Introduction to Microsoft Teams, you can read it here.

What can Teams do for my business?

# 1 Increase productivity & focus on the work at hand. As technology changes, collaboration gets messier and messier. Traditional collaboration is typically made up of face-to-face meetings, conversation via telephone, email correspondence (that usually ends up lost) and multiple file attachments. Teams allows you to switch between multiple communication methods such as video conference calling, instant messaging, real-time document collaboration, and file storing and sharing, individually or together as a group according to your needs.

#2 Real-time messaging and chat provide one easy-to-find location for     all your correspondence.The core of Teams is its real-time chat functionality and its threaded conversations that make it easy to keep collaboration and productivity flowing and everyone engaged. Conversations are, by default, visible to the entire team, but there is of course the ability for private discussions.

  • Tagging – Ability to Tag a user or the entire group
  • Notifications – When you are tagged in a conversation, you will receive the @ symbol at the top
  • Persistent and Threaded – Conversations will be visible for the life of the team. Threaded conversations to facilitate collaboration.
  • Chat in Teams functions much like an instant messenger.
  • Need to have a quick call with someone?You can do an audio or video call right from teams.

#3 Increased transparency that helps to keep everyone “in the loop.” Ever struggle with someone in your organization feeling like they were left out and not up to date on what’s going on? Teams makes keeping everyone involved and “up to speed” so much easier with everything located in one place.

Group conversations are there for the whole team to view, like, share and add to the discussion. New employees can easily get up to speed with important work updates as everything is archived.

#4 Teams makes meetings & scheduling easier. As we have seen recently, virtual meetings are here to stay, are essential in today’s climate and can impact the success of your business. Teams makes it easy to meet.

  • Teams gives you the ability to invite individuals within the team or the entire team to a meeting.
  • No need to look for email addresses – they are already in your team.
  • Don’t have time for a big meeting this week? It is super simple to do to do a quick     15-minute video call through teams.
  • You can even do the call directly on your phone by using the Microsoft Teams app.

In Conclusion

Microsoft teams can seem overwhelming – it doesn’t need to be. Teams offers a wealth of collaboration tools, through Microsoft 365, that will allow you the opportunity to be more productive despite the challenges you may be facing today.

Microsoft Teams is a must have solution, for any business small or large who wants to grow, stay connected and move forward, especially as we continue to navigate the world of working remotely. If you would like to talk with an Acts Solution Team Member for a free consultation, please complete the contact information below